INTRASCULPT // (AM & PM) Organic Detox + Beauty Tea

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  • INTRASCULPT // (AM & PM) Organic Detox + Beauty Tea
  • INTRASCULPT // (AM & PM) Organic Detox + Beauty Tea
  • INTRASCULPT // (AM & PM) Organic Detox + Beauty Tea

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    INTRASCULPT Slim Detox Tea Ritual (AM): Get glowing with WELLPOD’s INTRASCULPT (AM) Slim Detox. *Our apothecary formula is an invigorating blend of organic green tea, ginger root, orange peel and peach, expertly designed to banish bloating and boost metabolism WITHOUT harmful stimulant laxatives (like senna).

    INTRASCULPT Beauty Detox Tea Ritual (PM): An indulgent anti-aging beauty ritual, steeped in timeless eastern tradition. *Our INTRASCULPT apothecary blend is a delicate infusion of organic rose, white peony tea and soothing chrysanthemum, expertly designed to promote youthful, hydrated skin.

    Prepare: Pour 8oz of hot water (175ºF | 79ºC) over your AM & PM detox tea. Steep for 2 - 3 minutes to extract the vibrant flavors of our apothecary blend. Sip & enjoy hot or iced!                   

  • AM Slim Detox Ingredients: Organic green tea, ginger root, orange peel, peach, natural ginger/orange/peach flavor, safflowers. Certified Organic | Certified Fair Trade / Certified Vegan

    PM Beauty Detox Ingredients: Organic white peony tea, organic rose petals, organic chrysanthemum flower. Certified Organic / Certified Vegan

    No gluten, No soy, No milk derivatives; No artificial colors or flavors; No harmful stimulant laxatives.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.                                                                                 

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